Who We Are?


Who We Are?

ORRAH, Organization de Rapprochement Aide Humanitaire, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for development assistance, neutral, of general interest, non-profit, apolitical, and non-denominational. It was founded in 2006 by students, to strengthen the participation of civil society in advancing the democratic process and building the rule of law.

Our teams are now working in the West, Artibonite, North West, and North departments, in areas of armed conflict or following natural disasters.
vision & mission

Vision and Mission

VISION: We strive to contribute to a Haitian society that is less poor, more secure and more united, and in which each citizen can enjoy their rights, benefit from healthy living conditions and a favorable environment, necessary for their good development. We want to create positive and lasting change for communities. MISSION: We are a Haitian NGO that works to promote and defend human rights, which many Haitians are deprived of due to the country's structural weaknesses. "Recognizing a right to someone is also recognizing a duty to others"; the deficiencies of the State create a tense security context and pose a problem of public safety and protection of the population. They also pose problems of justice and social cohesion which translate into human needs, which we support through our actions and those of our partners.
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