Our Values


Our values

Our values are the basis of our identity, our way of working and the culture of our association. The values that determine the mission and the functioning of ORRAH to best serve solidarity are respect for the dignity of each person, without prejudice or discrimination, the refusal to accept poverty, precariousness and exclusion as a fate, the conception of a partner solidarity, opposed to the assistantship. We defend humanitarian principles:
  • The principle of HUMANITY, Finding solutions to human suffering, especially for the most vulnerable.
  • The principle of NEUTRALITY, We do not favor any “CAMP” in the event of conflicts, but can testify to observed breaches of human rights.
  • The principle of IMPARTIALITY and NON-DISCRIMINATION Our aid is based on need.
  • The principle of INDEPENDENCE, Our goals are detached from economic, political and religious goals. We also make it a point of honor to demonstrate PROFESSIONALISM (training, capitalization) and TRANSPARENCY in our actions; within our organization as with our employees (transmission and management of information,
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